Decorating Lessons

Why not learn a few tricks of the trade yourself? I now run cake, cupcake and cookie decorating classes at Lady Butterworth's in Sevenoaks. However, if this doesn't work for you I'm happy to come and give a lesson in the comfort of your own home. The classes can be tailored to you, whether you want to make fondant roses or simply learn how to pipe in a straight line, I guarantee you'll leave with confidence and maybe even a new found passion. You can even determine the flavour!


Prices vary but range from:

- £30 for 6 cupcakes and a 2.5 hour lesson

- £50 for a whole cake and a 3 hour lesson

- £70 for a whole fruit/Christmas cake and a 3 hour lesson


Take a look at some of the amazing creations my students have come up with. 

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